You've found the right home....what's next?

To secure your chosen property, first speak with your Creer Property sales consultant about price and terms. Many of our properties are prime properties and sell for the asking price. Don’t get too caught up in bargaining a few thousand dollars off the price and risk losing the home you and your family love. In the long term, you will look back after years of enjoyment and always be pleased with the price you paid.

Once you have agreed on price, you will need to sign a contract for sale. By agreement with our sellers, all properties stay on the market until a contract is signed. All contracts have a “five day cooling off” clause to allow both a building report and a pest report to be done. Both these reports are critical to ensure the property is in sound condition.

Once a contract is signed the deposit specified in the contract must be paid. This is usually ten percent of the sale price. A clause can usually be inserted into the contract should you require financing to purchase. Normally between four to six weeks later you are enjoying your new family home.