Luke Searles

Luke Searles


Luke joined Creer Property in January 2012, with a decade of local and international experience in real estate. During this time, he has earned a spot amongst the top 20 auction agents in Australia and New Zealand.

After experiencing the extreme highs and lows of the London property market, Luke has developed the ability to achieve consistent results regardless of how the local market is performing.

Luke's experience gives him a unique competitive edge, but it's his drive to succeed and desire to help people that make him a standout sales specialist.

“I really love working in real estate,” Luke said. “The mix of flexibility and responsibility is a perfect balance for those who are ambitious and driven, but who also value quality personal time.”

Luke lives in Newcastle and understands why the Hunter Region provides a valuable and sort-after property market. When he originally landed in Newcastle for study, he fell in love with the place because of its capital city features and wide range of affordable housing options.

“Unlike the market in London, our region doesn't experience extreme highs and lows,” Luke explained. “We are blessed with quite a steady property market, which is yet another reason why Newcastle and Lake Macquarie are ideal places to buy and sell property.”

Luke didn't realise he was destined to work within real estate. Backpacking in London opens up so many life experiences for travellers, but it led Luke to finding a career path that motivated and inspired him.

More than 10 years ago, Luke was headed for a degree in engineering and teaching, but the allure of travel overseas was too strong. He flew to London with his girlfriend (who is now his wife) for an adventure and what he found was a natural flair and passion for real estate.

Luke sees the future as bringing lots of opportunity - even amongst the challenges. As more web-based real estate companies pop up in the market, Luke sees it as a golden opportunity to differentiate Creer within the industry. Luke believes that building rapport, trust, and a personalised service will continue to be a strong point of difference for Creer as the industry evolves.


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