Why sell with Creer Property?

How do I choose the right agent for me?

Start with the end in mind!

When deciding to sell, most sellers start with the thought process of: "How do I begin this process?", "What should I look for in an agent?" and "What's the best commission deal I can get?"

A better way to approach the sales process is to begin with the end in mind. "What price would I be happy with?", "What skills will my agent need to have in order for me to get a great price?" and "What systems are in place to ensure buyers are brought to my door?" From this new perspective, you will know what to look for in an agent.

Recent sales

Market value is often assess by Sworn Valuers using the CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) approach.

Simply put, they search recent results achieved by Real Estate Agents to find properties of similar standard to you own and using their sales price as a guide, arrive at a likely selling range for your property.

Creer Property has successfully been selling more local properties every day than most other agencies. As such, we have the database that independent valuers seek out to help established market value in the local district.

Look for negotiation skills

Most sellers want a great price when selling. Yet, they often will hire agents based on their "discounted fees". It is an established fundamental that skilful negotiators achieve great selling prices. They do not, as Sales Professionals, discount their own fees…..or your PRICE!

The fee difference between a discount agent and a SKILLED NEGOTIATOR is often less than 1%. This 1% can be transformed into a 10% higher price at the end of the negotiating process. So ensure your agent has a good track record for results, and a GREAT TRACK RECORD AS A NEGOTIATOR!

Find a skilled agent

We are proud that Creer Property is recognised for being industry leaders in the areas of Marketing, Negotiating and Training.

For more than 140 years we have lead the local market place and we know that results' as great as they have been; are not everything.

We earn the right to a clients business through being professional and improving our skills. This is why our team train regularly and have access to our own in house library full of vital information to assist our team in achieving the very best price for your property.

Your Creer Property sales consultant is highly trained, highly skilled and above all, highly passionate about getting results that exceed your expectations. In fact, we guarantee it.

To find out more why not arrange an up-to-date Marketing Appraisal on your home, now! Click here.

Should I buy or sell first?

This is a common dilemma for those looking at upgrading their home. Generally, it is advisable to sell first, preferably with a long settlement ie; 120 days. This result means you know exactly how much you have to spend, and the time frame you have to buy in. If you buy first/sell second, the pressure of possibly having not sold by the settlement date of the new house means that costly bridging finance may come into play and cause extra stress. It is worth discussing these options with your Creer Property consultant and possibly your accountant.

How do I price my home?

This can be a confusing area.

You could get 5 agents' opinions and all could vary greatly. Who is right? Our suggestion is don't look at the price given; look at the agent's research.

Ask the agent “what properties are you comparing mine with?” Check things such as: land size, views, presentation, renovations, equal bedrooms and bathrooms and desirability of location.

It's not the number of agents that you have to look at your property that will give you a realistic price it's more likely to be an understanding of comparable properties. Do the ‘Open House’ circuit to get a feel for the market place. A better question to ask an agent is ‘How are you going to get that price?” Without a strategy behind a price you are in grave danger of becoming just another overpriced home on the market!

How do I promote my property to get the best price?

Which marketing strategy you use to sell the property depends on the state of the market, the area that you are in and your personal circumstances. Beware of any agent who is pushing only ‘one type of barrow’ ie; ‘auction only’ or ‘for sale only’. Always ask the agent about alternative strategies and what the positives and negatives are of each. When it comes to promoting your biggest asset, take a tip from the big companies such as Coca Cola and McDonalds …. advertising works. Marketing is an investment in spreading the biggest net possible over all your potential buyers. It needs to be done intelligently and effectively.